As a new puppy owner one of the most important people you will need to find is a Vet.   In our opinion the team at Vineyard Veterinary Clinic are the most experienced vets in Sydney with respect to the breed.  Regardless of whether it may be a little way to travel, having the right vet will always be a wiser choice than one without the experience that the team at Vineyard have.  You will find the vets are highly trained in many special areas that other regular vets simply are not.

If you happen to buy a Greydove puppy and live somewhere other than Sydney please ask us to find you a recommendation for a 'Weimaraner friendly' vet.  We have contacts with breeders all over the country who can provide us great contacts for you.



The information we provide to you is not simply 'advice' is it 'instructions'.

Please follow the guidelines for vaccinations we provide to you and if possible use our vets at Vineyard who are experienced with our breed and are aware of the possibility of reactions that Weimaraners have if the correct vaccination protocols are not followed.


"For veterinarians that are well-read, it is always considered advisable to NOT vaccinate any Weimaraner with C5.  The best schedule to follow is a C3 vaccination at 6 weeks, repeat at 12 weeks. 

Below are articles published in scientific journals that clearly state there is a high incidence of post-vaccination reactions to C5 in the Weimaraner"

Please have a read of these factual articles Vineyard provided particularly for our puppy owners


Kennels / Doggy Day Care / Puppy Pre School

Pet owners who may at some stage wish to have their dogs enjoy Doggy Day Care (as does Sabrina) or stay at kennels when you go on holidays, you are able to comply with the vaccinations requirements of kennels by asking your vet about a nasal kennel cough spray which will give your dog the required cover for visiting kennels/day care.

This is what we do to our dogs are recommend.  

Our recommendation for a Sydney Doggy Day Care and Kennels is