About The Weimaraner

Many consider the Weimaraner's role as a family companion the breed's most important one, for dependence on human companionship is exceptionally strong in this sporting breed. Weimaraners give unconditional love and affection. They give children a feeling that somebody cares without imposing demands. Their expressions and mannerisms bring laughter, even when none seems possible, but the amiable clowns become staunch protectors when the need arises.

Weimaraners are a breed for those who enjoy a dog that is intensely devoted and responsive to attention--they demand lying down with body contact when owners sit down. People who are distressed when their dog shoves open the door to stay near will not enjoy life with Weimaraners. This is a breed for those with a good sense of humour and the willingness to invest the time and effort needed to teach active, imaginative puppies the good manners needed by every family companion. This is a breed with unlimited learning potential--be it bad or good. Anyone who expects their dog to live in a dog run or the backyard will regret buying a Weimaraner as neither dog nor owner will be happy. And in fact we would refuse the purchase of a Greydove puppy to anyone who would suggest that these were the conditions under which the puppy would live,

Weimaraners get along with cats and other pets if introduced to them at an early age. Although the Germans enhanced the instinct to pursue furred animals through selective breeding, puppies learn to accept most family pets. In general, Weimaraners can be trained to accept cats very easily, rabbits with a little more difficulty.