Re-homing and Rescue

When our puppies go to their new forever homes at 8 weeks it is our understanding that, if for any reason that dog needs to be re-homed, that the owners let us know. We do understand that there can be personal circumstances that can occur that necessitate an older dog needing to be rehomed. Once Val is contacted it is usually quite easy for us to find a new home.

Recently, we found ourselves in a 'first' situation where one of our puppy buyers surrendered their puppy at 7 months of age to a regional RSPCA facility as an 'aggressive dog'. Strangely, the pup had been surrendered with photos of his parents and his main register DogsNSW papers! He was then internally transferred to the Sydney facility in Yagoona and a local breeder 'happened' to find him in the RSPCA, determined who the breeder was and contacted us. The RSPCA made no attempt to contact us although the pup had been in the RSPCA for about 6 weeks. Apparently on 'death row' although we do not know why he had been at the RSPCA for this length of time without being rehomed or the Weimaraner Club of NSW Rescue Officer being contacted. Certainly they did not attempt to contact us even though it was self evident that the dog was a Greydove puppy!!

Once we learned that he was in the RSPCA, Val rescued him. He was seriously underweight – 23kg when we took him to Rob Zammit’s for a health check. We asked our friend Barry Stevenson, experienced with temperament testing and obedience if he would look after the pup and temperament test him to see if was suitable for rehousing and if he had any special needs.

Barry established that the pup had no temperament issues, was very receptive to commands and listened well. He did not appear to be fearful of people or other dogs and walked well on a lead and was very sociable. Val had several calls for this pup all of which she discussed with Barry to ensure that the new home would be suitable for this puppy.

On Father's Day the puppy’s new family came from Canberra to take him to his new home where he is very happily living with his new friends the Beagle and the Jack Russell.