The Philosophy of Greydove is to breed dogs that are healthy, structurally sound, conform to the breed standard and have great solid, loving temperaments.

Every puppy raised at Greydove is given the same loving care – whether it is to be a showdog or a beloved companion. All are equal in our eyes and all deserve the very best care that we can give them. For this reason, they are born in the family room, raised in the family room and have constant companionship during the 8 weeks that we have them in our care.

Every breeding is carefully planned – with much research undertaken prior to deciding on the stud dog. There are no mishap breedings in our kennel. Health issues are particularly important and all dogs are screened for Hip Dysplasia; Elbow subluxation; are cardiac certified and DNA tested. The Lagotti are also DNA tested for Juvenile Epilepsy. There are no carriers of this gene in our current Lagotti.

We have no hesitation in removing dogs from our breeding stock if we find that they have a health issue or their temperaments are not as sound as we would like.

If, for any reason, owners of Greydove dogs, find that they can no longer keep their dog, then we ask that they inform us and we will do our best to rehouse the dog in a suitable home.

For ourselves, we continue to educate ourselves on all issues relating to our breeds. We attend the Weimaraner Club of America National Specialty each year - this keeps us up to date with the latest research on health issues and how the breed is developing. We have also attended the Eukanuba Specialty in the USA; Crufts and the World Dog Show.