Adding a Weimaraner puppy to your family is an important decision and will affect you and your family for the lifetime of the dog.

We invite you to visit us to ensure that, not only is a Weimaraner the dog for you, but that you are the right owner for a Weimaraner.

We do not sell over the phone or the internet unless of course, you are not local!

We make every effort to ensure that your new family member makes a smooth transition into his or her new home.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Breeder

Environment - It is not acreage that is important it is where the dogs live - it is not the number of dogs that are owned – what is important is the environment - where are the pups whelped - where are they cared for – are they part of the family? Weimaraners are companion dogs.  Are the dogs let run in paddocks or are they taken for walks with human company? Our dogs are house dogs and have the freedom to be in the house or to run in the 3/4 acre garden, however they are mostly found in the living room!

Look for cleanliness and the conditions not only of where the dog resides, but the property overall, both inside and out. Ribbons and awards for showing dogs are not necessarily indicative of a good breeder. A dog that is well taken care of should be in a clean, well maintained, healthy family environment.

Health - The health and well being of your dog should be first and foremost and you can't always know just from looking at a puppy. Don't take just anyone's word for it. Our dogs are administered all necessary vaccinations; current with all worming protocol; guaranteed to be in good health and guaranteed against genetic defects. Owning a dog is an emotional, serious undertaking and we want you to have a lifetime of happiness, gratification and fulfilment with your Greydove puppy.

Food - Ask about the food they are given; is it natural; is it dry; is it from a can, what is the nutritional value? The answer will help you determine how much the breeder really cares. All of our dogs are fed Royal Canin. Royal Canin is one of the most respected, reputable, nutritional brands of premium dog food in the world.

Socialisation - A dog's behaviour can be a sign of the way it is treated and socialised. All of our dogs get along well with people and other dogs because they are exposed to various scenarios that help them become mentally healthy and stable. You should be able to interact with all the dogs and see how they behave and react to you.

Genetics - Often you can obtain a healthy puppy that will never have problems from bloodlines that are ordinary. Greydove does the utmost to help ensure that Greydove puppies are the best the breed has to offer. Our dogs are show quality, but we believe their true value is in the joy they bring to our lives, day in and day out.

Don't rely solely on a recommendation or what someone tells you. Objectivity from the source is important. We also think it's essential for the breeder to meet with the future parent(s).

  • One or both parents of any litter in our breeding program are hip-scored; if a dog has not been scored we guarantee to be aware of the bloodline and will have done research to ascertain a non scored dog is sound 
  • All of our dogs are from champion bloodlines
  • All puppies are guaranteed to be in good health
  • All puppies are up to date with recommended vaccinatons
  • All puppies are guaranteed against genetic defects
  • All puppies come with a veterinary health/vaccintion certificate
  • All of our dogs are microchipped and on the NSW Data base Register & are traceable Nationally
  • All of our dogs are registered with DogsNSW
  • All puppies are current with worming protocol