Puppies at Greydove

Greydove puppies are born in Val’s family room. They have free run of the house and yard.

The babies are well socialised with visitors, the family and all our Weimaraners! They listen to Classical Music and whatever television programs are on. They are totally immersed in all household noises. In the garden, they experience walking on grass and paving and rustling leaves and they find lots of sticks to carry and retrieve. They quickly learn to negotiate the stairs from the family room into the garden. When they leave home they quickly adapt into their new environment because they have been exposed to a normal family environment.

As you can see we do not have kennel facilities at Greydove !

Our litters are carefully planned and usually our litters are well booked up prior to birth.
We do insist we meet you prior to purchase (should you live locally).
  We are able to provide
interstate and overseas transport for our babies.


Presently, we are not planning any litters.

We may review this later on in 2020 for 2021.

Our puppies are registered with DOGSNSW and you will be provided with your puppy's papers together with his/her vaccination certificate.  Our puppy booket is usually emailed out in the weeks prior to your collecting your puppy.  Please make sure you read all the articles for some worthwhile reading.