At Greydove, we do prefer a docked tail on a Weimaraner but we do abide by the law which prohibits this in New South Wales.

The tail of a Weimaraner has traditionally been docked short for many reasons that are valid for a hunting dog.

In 2004, the cosmetic tail docking of dogs was banned in most states in Australia. This means that dog's tails can no longer be docked by anyone other than a vet and for reasons that are in the best interests of the welfare of the animal concerned, i.e. only when a tail has been damaged through injury or disease.

Many countries, including New Zealand, America, Canada and most European countries still permit the docking of tails.

At Greydove, we do not illegally dock the tails of our puppies. However, we do have several dogs that have legally docked tails. Either these dogs have been imported from countries that still allow the docking of tails or the tails have been damaged and have required 'legal' docking.

The dogs we exhibit with 'short' docked tails are approved by DogsNSW.
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