This page outlines the terms and processes for purchasing a puppy from us. Please read over this page carefully. If you have any questions please let us know so that we can respond.

Terms: The goal of Greydove Weimaraner's is to place each puppy in a home where it will be loved and cared for all its life. We do not view dogs as dispensable possessions, but rather as members of the family. Therefore, we make every effort to find the best possible homes for our puppies. Our Puppy Sales Agreement is necessary to help firstly to ensure the welfare of the puppy and also to provide protection for the buyer and ourselves.

All Greydove Puppies come with hip, health and genetic recommendations. Our recommendations warrant that either both or one of the parents have been hip scored. We test all our breeding stock for HUU/HYM/SD.  We do not have any affected breeding stock.  To the best of our knowledge we will not breed any Weimaraners who will produce any genetic problems which would compromise the life of a puppy bred by us.

Tails will not be docked but dewclaws will be removed. Initial vaccinations are administered at 6 weeks of age, and puppies will be wormed as necessary.

We request that each puppy owner have his/her puppy examined by our vet, Dr Robert Zammit, at Vineyard Veterinary Clinic, within 72 hours of collection should you have any question as to the health or well being of your puppy.
ALL Weimaraners should only be given a C3 vaccination.  Anything other than this could produce a serious reaction and endanger the health and wellbeing of a puppy.

In the event that the owner of a Greydove Weimaraner finds it necessary to place his/her dog in another home, we request that we be contacted immediately and will be given first option to reclaim the dog or to assist in locating another suitable home.

Companion puppies are sold with the understanding that the dog will never be bred and this will be noted on the registration papers. All Greydove puppies are sold on the main register so that people may compete in show/performance/obedience sports. We do not seek out show homes for our puppies nor do we support people who wish to breed Weimaraners unless they are an experienced registered breeder.

We expect new owners to maintain preventative health care of the puppy including, but not limited to vaccinations, internal as well as external parasites, proper nutrition, mental health, grooming, training, proper exercise, and prevention of stress injuries.

We expect new owners to provide a loving home environment where the dog will live as a member of the family. The dog will not reside outside, but will live as an indoor dog when the family is home. The buyers agree to care for the dog humanely (including providing food, water and all necessary veterinary care).

Our dogs are not available for sale in order that they be used for medical or any experimental purposes whatsoever, shall NOT be kept chained or tied up, and shall NOT be attack trained, or used for fighting purposes. In addition, buyer agrees NOT to allow the dog to be free to roam the streets or to transport it in the back of an open truck except within a properly secured dog crate.

We will NOT sell any of our puppies to an agent or anyone acting as an agent.

In addition we will NOT sell any of our puppies to a pet store, guard dog business or medical facility.

A non-refundable reservation deposit is required to secure a Greydove puppy once you have been approved for a puppy and pregnancy is confirmed. Balance of the purchase price is required at time of collection of your puppy at 8 weeks or prior to any interstate or overseas shipping. All transportation expenses are the responsibility of the new owner and need to be paid prior to us boarding any puppy on a plane.

Greydove Weimaraners will provide each buyer with an “ebooklet” (electronic booklet) of information which includes feeding, health care, training, and grooming information. We will also be available for any concerns or questions you may have for the lifetime of your puppy.

Process:  If you find all these terms agreeable submit a Puppy Application Form. We will respond to all applications. We will inform you if you are approved. Once we have a litter due we do organise an information day and we also hold a puppy day at approximately 6 weeks of age.

We do try to post pictures and updates of the puppies weekly, usually on the weekends. Over the first 7 weeks we evaluate the litter for temperament and conformation. Then with your input we choose which puppy will best suit you and your family. Puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. At that time the remainder of the purchase price is due. You will have already received your puppy ebooklet. Your puppy will also come with a 24/7 helpline for the life of your Greydove Weimaraner. We do ask that you occasionally keep in touch to let us know how your puppy is doing and send lots of pictures.

Thats about it~~~~ Val and Narelle