We have had the pleasure of finding some wonderful homes for our puppies around most states of Australia and to overseas countries. Below are a few photographs and some Greydove dogs not so close to home ...

The Process of Exporting

We have exported puppies to many counties, including Greece, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, mainland USA, Hawaii, Poland and Croatia. Our preferred shipper is 'Dogtainers', a firm based in Sydney. Over the years we have developed a very good working relationship with them and trust them to care for our puppies, their transport needs and to ensure the correct paper work.

Sending a puppy overseas is a simple process. Below is the details of Dogtainers contact:


Errol Pearce
Dogtainers Sydney
Tel: 02 9516 2766
Fax: 02 9516 3720
Web: www.dogtainers.com.au

Errol - Dogtainers Sydney  or

Michael - Dogtainers Sydney

Dogtainers – Sydney: Winners of the 2010 Master Breeders Association “Pet Transport Company of the Year” award !!!
Dogtainers is a member of IPATA.

You may contact Dogtainers DIRECT and arrange a quote and direct payment to them for your puppy's transport home to you.

Puppies are collected from our home by 'Dogtainers' just prior to the time that they are required to be at the airport. The airline makes contact with the new owners, advising time of arrival, to ensure they are at the airport to meet their new baby!

Some countries require an import permit. Dogtainers will advise you if you need to obtain a permit and it can be sent directly to Dogtainers.

Nordic on his arrival in Sweden with Anna-Lena!


The Story of Nordic and his trip to Sweden
as told by Anna-Lena

Everything went well. After 2 hours at the airport with costumes and the vet, he took a shower before the three hour drive to Linkoping. 10 minutes after leaving the box he had travelled in he forgot all about the looooong flight and was up running around.

The picture is taken just after shower at the Arlanda Airport. (Anna's mum). 

Anna herself outside the Volvo dealer at Arlanda. 

Anna's father carrying our boy. 

Finally at home, waiting for my big "brother" to arrive (Titus). 

Titus and Nordic have kissed each other and all is fine.

Thank you Narelle & Val for letting us have this lovely dog!

Anna & Bjorn